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Walsh County Mutual was established on June 27th, 1885. This was 10 days after the Statue of Liberty was placed on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. In 1885, Grover Cleveland was president, the Washington Monument was dedicated, and George Eastman introduced modern photograph film technology that made cameras accessible to the masses. Walsh County Mutual has experienced so much history and we have contributed to its making in North Dakota.


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    Farm and Ranch Insurance in ND

    Farm and Ranch Insurance

    Walsh County Mutual has a rich heritage of making the most of opportunities when they are available… and creating opportunities where none exist. Forging new paths is our legacy. In fact, WCM was founded before North Dakota became a state. As North Dakota evolved, so followed Walsh County Mutual. Today, we are North Dakota’s largest county mutual insurance company, employing over 70 agents.

    Agriculture Insurance

    Generation after generation, Walsh County Mutual has remained a local company. When you call us, you’re calling the 701 area code. That still means something to us and to our clients. As longtime residents, we understand the pride a family has in a farm or ranch passed down from generation to generation. We know that it’s more than a business. It’s a lifestyle, a treasured reminder of the blood, sweat and tears that went into building the legacy you work hard to uphold. We consider it a privilege to personally witness the continued growth of families, farms and ranches throughout North Dakota. You can’t get that personal understanding with a Board of Directors located out of state. We’re North Dakotans serving North Dakotans and we believe it is our duty to provide the insurance products necessary to protect your legacy.

    Agriculture Insurance in ND

    House Insurance in ND

    Experts in Auto Insurance and House Insurance

    That’s not hyperbole. It’s not a marketing slogan. It is simply a statement of fact. Walsh County Mutual Insurance Company is the longest operating County Mutual Insurance Company in the state. For more than 130 years, Walsh County Mutual has provided our insurance with quality insurance protection for their homes, Farms, personal property and more. That’s well over a century of providing smart Risk Management Solutions that protect what matters most to you.

    Walsh County Mutual is proud to provide
    insurance products that include:

    • Homeowners / Mobile Homeowners Insurance
    • Farm Insurance
    • Ranch Insurance and Personal Liability
    • Personal Property
    • Renters Insurance


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