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Preparing for the Unexpected

Personal Liability Insurance By Walsh County Mutual

Whether you work for an employer, own your own business or own a farm or ranch, you face a substantial amount of risks each and every day. Some are obvious, while many are impossible to predict. The degree of the risk can vary greatly but the results of a lawsuit can be extremely costly, regardless of the exposure. From someone tripping and falling on your property to accidentally damaging a neighbor’s property while using your farm machinery, the risks are real, and the results can be financially devastating.

A Little May Not Be Enough

Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society. Some individuals look towards lawsuits as opportunities to make money, regardless of the merit of their claim. While most homeowners and auto policies provide limited liability coverage, it’s not uncommon for a lawsuit to exceed these limits. Anything in excess of your policies liability limits becomes an out-of-pocket expense for you.

In a lawsuit, you could be found responsible for anything from immediate emergency medical care to future surgical procedures, ongoing physical and occupational therapy, loss of income and even loss of consortium. It’s impossible to determine the amount any jury may award at any given time. Making sure that you have adequate liability coverage can mean the difference between financial stability or financial ruin.

A Higher Level Of Liability Protection

Personal liability protection provides additional liability insurance that can cover everything from automobile accidents to homeowners claims. Should an accident occur and you are found responsible for the bodily injury of another or damage to another’s property that occurs as a result of your negligence, your homeowners or auto insurance kicks in first, providing coverage up to the policy limits. Remember that this includes your legal defense fees. A personal liability umbrella extends your liability protection beyond the limits of your personal insurance policies.

Why An Umbrella?

The word ‘umbrella’ is aptly applied in this instance, as the personal liability umbrella covers many different risks that fall under the protection afforded by homeowner’s and auto insurance policies. In the event of a serious auto accident or an accident on your property in excess of your policies liability limits, your personal umbrella liability insurance provides that extra layer of protection you need. Talk to your Walsh County Mutual agent about making sure you have enough personal liability coverage to protect yourself against expensive lawsuits.

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